About us


Creative Visuals ™ is a multi-disciplinary creative, communication, entertainment and technology development firm based in Bangalore, India with footprint in media, dotcom and entertainment industry.

We expertise in Branding & Media solutions, Creative Graphic Design, Web Development, Mobility Development, Digital Marketing, Motion Graphics, Digital Production, Post Production/VFX, Events Management, Movie Promotion and Artist management.

Our overheads are low and our prices are keen. We deal with high profile brands and complicated projects but are equally happy providing solutions for small jobs that pose an intellectual challenge and require a creative solution.

What is there in the name?

As creative people, we always eclect thoughts from contradictory verticals and integrate it to make extraordinary things. In our case, we are very much inspired by the hospitality industry. We see our clients as a guest and the projects as a dish we serve to them. We add an extra ingredient named creativity to all type of dish we make.

That's how Creative Visuals ™ came into existance where "Creative" stands for creativity and "Visuals" stands not only for designs but also for different ventures, ideas, concepts etc...

Who we work with?

We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled creative artists and technology experts providing world class design & technology solutions.Our team of Artists & Developers with well experience in variety of design tools and platforms keep themselves updated with the latest trends in, Design, Development and Technology.

Our designers and developers have worked, both collectively and individually, with a broad range of companies and organisations. We have experience working with not-for-profits and social enterprises, universities, start-ups, SME’s and large corporations.